I am a visual artist and writer from Western Australia, inspired by the people and places I encounter.

The idea for this blog came to me a couple of years ago, when I was interviewing people for a university publication. As they shared their stories about their journey to university, I felt we were only scratching the surface. I wanted to know so much more, particularly about the amazing women I met.


Often they told me of the women who had inspired them, some living, some passed, some local and others thousands of kilometres away.  I feel privileged to be trusted with recounting the stories of these women.


I started to visualise the web of connections between those I was talking to and those who had inspired them – the purported six degrees of separation between us and everyone else in the world.

Join me

Join me as I follow the links in the chain of connection, starting with the women who first inspired me.

Take inspiration from these courageous, creative, intelligent, intuitive, brave and beautiful women.